How To Repair and Replace Pachislo Stop Reel Buttons


Inch. Stop Button Assembly

2. Individual Stop Buttons

All buttons have been united to one meeting. The full assembly is easily removed from the system by removing screws.

Each switch features a connector that’s attached slot online
with a major board to the meeting, which board has a connector that’s attached into the Pachislo machine. .

Unplug the assembly connector, then remove the 2 screws and then remove the assembly from the system.

Typically you may subsequently get rid of the plank from the meeting by removing a twist thread, a couple clips or even both. After the springs of these buttons have been vulnerable you are able to get rid of each by unscrewing a plastic nut which holds it in position or simply by pressing two clips which hold it in position.

If your switches have clips, then only work with a tiny flat screwdriver. Press in using one clip marginally while lightly pushing it throughout the leading part of the assembly. Simply loosen the very first side by the clip.

Do exactly the same with all the different clip and it needs to pop the front part of the assembly.

The 2nd sort is your Individual Stop Button. In cases like this, they’re not a portion of a meeting. Each is attached separately to your equipment. Unplug them separately from the plank and comply with the exact guidelines to loosen up the clips and then shove it out from the front part of the equipment.

The most usual issue with buttons is that they become tacky and may not push or push and stick. To address this issue you could well not have to displace or even take them off.

Utilize a saline spray. Depress the button whenever at all possible. Spray a SMALL AMOUNT of silicone spray on the corners of this button and then wash the surplus fast. Work the button and outside for a couple seconds to allow the silicone work in to the regions round the button.

This maybe difficult. You won’t manage to come across new buttons however a few switches from scrapped machines could be found on the web. You need to not just fit the match size and style, however, you’ll want to coincide with the mouse.

There are several diverse sorts of connectors and you’ll want to coincide with the model and the amount of hooks.

Obtained from the EVERYTHING PACHISLO guide by Neil Walsh accessible on the Web.

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