Cartoon Characters Who Should Get an Online Degree


Have you started watching your favourite show and wondered what the character is similar to later in life? Well we took it a step farther. Here’s just a set of characters that we’d like to see get a degree.

Inch. Bart Simpson. Do not ignore the old situs judi qq online terpercaya of the prodigy Lisa. Though he is is always in big trouble today , he has time and energy to pull out it. We genuinely believe that his lack of wisdom now is just a cover up. The tough guy act can only work for a long time. In case he does not wish to end up working at the Plant together with his daddy along with drinking Duff beer all day long, an Internet degree is the way to go

2. Stewie Griffin. How genius is the kid. I mean a baby who could talk, that nobody may know. In case his parents could just hear the matters he plots and says, I bet they would panic. I presume that he should get into an online degree program involving business of science.

3. Chuckie Finster. The right hand man to Tommy Pickles. This kid has severe stress and everything scares him. Getting an internet degree would be ideal because he could remain in the comfort of his home and he is in control.

4. Marvin the Martian. My favourite villain climbing up. Though he is very busy trying to take over earth and all, I’m convinced he could fit time in to earn an internet degree. As a silence, mastermind he could just take classes to better learn how to rule over the people on mars.

5. Kim Possible. She might be in high school, but soon she might have to plan her faculty course. Who has time to attend class when you are saving the whole world? By registering in an online degree program she can take her studies with her and study after rescuing the world.

6. Daffy Duck. On one hand we are feeling bad for the person, however on the other hand, he brings it on himself. We are trusting that by getting a degree online they will prove to himself that he is smart. It’s time that he stems from Bugs Bunny’s shadows and has their or her own life.

An individual can only wonder what these characters are like after they got their degree. It simply indicates that online education can fit any lifestyle even these character.

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